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    Fysio Educatief®


    We all move. Everyday, all day, starting from our first day of life. We move for many reasons. We move in search of food and proximity. We move out of curiosity, to express emotions, to achieve goals and later we learn to move to relax or even exercise. Fysio Educatief offers a large amount of Movement Ideas®. Get moving with our Move-tool or Wish-calendars with friends, family, from your classroom or all alone.


    Language is an important component of our existence. It connects us to others and we use it to express others how we feel and what we want. Something to eat, shelter, discover something new, learn or try. To teach children to express their opinions and desires, Fysio Educatief founded the Children's International Press Centre®. Like a true journalist kids get started with news and language to discover and describe what is happening in the world around them and what they think of it.

    Groenburgwal 59 • 1011 HT Amsterdam • • +31(0)20 626 5757
    Groenburgwal 59 • 1011 HT Amsterdam • +31(0)20 626 5757